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Do you need a pre-home termite inspection? We can help you find out whether your future home has termites or not.
If we find termites, we’ll deal with them swiftly and offer you a 100%-guarantee to kill all termites. Our ten-year warranty is proof that our work will last.

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If a house get any damage from termites, 
after our treatment, "our insurance will pay for all the damage." 
That is how confident we are in our work.

Termite inspection services

Termites are always bad news – especially if you find out your future home is full of them. Slowly but surely, this pest will eat through your property without you knowing.
If you’re about to move out to a new house, a pre-home termite inspection is a must.
That’s the only way you can be confident your soon-to-be home isn’t also the home of the pest most people call the silent destroyer.

Is having termites a problem?
When it comes to pests, there are few things worse than having termites. These tiny bugs will chew through your home – and wreak havoc on your property’s foundation.
Soon enough, your house will be in such bad shape that it’ll start losing its value. And that’s not something you want to happen!
That’s why you should always check for termites.
Doing so is twice as important if you’re moving out to a new house – you should do a check-up before you start packing out and putting things in a moving truck. Otherwise, you’ll have to move out again when the pest control team arrives.

How do you check for termites?
The usual way of doing it is looking for signs of termite damage, such as hollowed or damaged wood and blisters in wood flooring. Checking for termite droppings around the house is also a good way of doing so.
A dead giveaway is looking at the termites themselves. While you might not see the entire termite colony, you’ll be able to spot winged termites flying around.
Unfortunately, most termite infestations go unseen until it’s too late. That’s why the best way to check for termites is by hiring a professional team to do the job.
Worst-case scenario, they’ll find termites living in your property – and they can deal with them swiftly and with no issues at that moment.

Get ahead of the situation with a pre-home termite inspection.
As you know, termites are the silent destroyer. And finding out your future house is full of termites is far from good news – but it’s always better to get ahead of the problem.
If you’re about to buy a house or if you’re about to move out to a different property, you should always make sure everything is up to code – and no termites are waiting for you when you arrive.
We can help you with that! Our team of professionals will check every room of your house inch by inch until we can safely determine there are no termites.
If we find a pest problem, we’ll be ready to deal with it – and offer you a ten-year warranty after we’re done. If there’s any damage from termites in ten years after we finish the job, our insurance will cover it.

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In most cases, a person's house is his biggest asset.  We all work so hard to get our own home, and when we finely have it, we don't want it to fall victim to termites.

Our termite prevention plan is affordable and 
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