Termites are a huge problem in Florida. They can destroy your home and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

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Florida Termite Treatment and Inspection

Florida is one of the most attractive places to call home. Other than people, termites also enjoy living in various Florida neighborhoods. A 2015 report from the University of Florida predicts that termites will cause over 50% of structural damages in Florida by 2040. Likewise, termites cause over $5 billion worth of structural damage and termite control expenses throughout the United States annually.

Termites are voracious insects that cause a prevalent pest problem in many homes across Florida. These insects can invade your home through the minor crack, build a flourishing nest, and conduct a considerable amount of damage without being noticed for a long time. As a result, they can cause damage and repairs worth thousands of dollars.

Luckily, with the help of our experienced team of termite exterminators from Termite Inspection, we can help you keep your home safe and shield it from being infested with termites. We provide free termite inspections and customized termite treatment plans to ensure you enjoy living in a termite-free home.

Termite Inspection

With over 2,000 termite species in existence, there are more than 40 species in the United States alone. Although they may all look similar, each termite species has distinct characteristics. In Florida, there are usually two prevalent types of termites; dry wood termites and subterranean termites. Each of them causes immense challenges to homeowners, with subterranean termites known to cause more extensive damage than any other termite species.

Generally, subterranean termites live in the soil and penetrate any home through mud tubes located at the foundation of your home. Since they live in the ground, they can go unnoticed for a long time and cause unprecedented damage without you knowing it. On the other hand, dry wood termites do not need soil, but they infest wood in furniture and old homes.

It is advisable to have termite inspections done annually to help in detecting these insatiable insects before they begin damaging your property. These inspections also aid in analyzing conditions that would attract termites, hence minimizing the risk of attack from them. Thanks to our termite control experts, we can provide a comprehensive inspection of your property and give you a detailed written report with the best-customized termite treatment solution ideal for your situation.

Termite Treatment Solutions

If you face a termite infestation, the best defense is to prevent it from further infesting your property or stop it immediately. With the help of effective treatment plans, it is possible to rid them entirely from your home or business premises. Our experienced team of termite exterminators provides you with the most suitable solution to kill the existing termites and create a chemical barrier to prevent future invasions.

Our termite treatment solutions include a termite pre-construction treatment, which involves chemically treating the soil before putting up any structures on the ground. In other cases, we also use termite baits instead of injecting chemicals into the soil. This process involves placing termite baits directly into the soil, outside the structure they are feeding on. In turn, the termites will find the bait, provide on it, and die, ridding your property of them.


With years of experience in termite inspection and treatment, Termite Inspection is a leader in the pest control industry in Florida. Not only do we provide a team of professionals to deal with your termite problem, but we also give our customers a 10-year guarantee for our termite treatments.

Thus, if you continue to suffer from termite damages after our treatment, our insurance coverage will pay for repairing the damages of your property within ten years. So, if you are looking for an affordable, competent, and effective solution to your termite problem, Contact us today and get a free termite inspection!

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